TUI Musement – A leading Tours & Activities business

In addition to the hotel and cruise business, TUI Musement is one of TUI Group's three growth areas. TUI Musement is also another part of our business pioneering digital transformation, with a unique Digital Platform+ business model that combines a state-of-the-art scalable digital platform, with local service delivery. In 2019, TUI Musement employed 9,000 people and generated a turnover of 1.2 billion euros, serving over 14 million guests. This included carrying out over 25 million transfers and selling more than six million tours and activities.


In 2018, our Tours & Activities division acquired Musement, a leading travel tech start-up. Following a two-year transition period, they became one fully integrated business known as TUI Musement - combining the global reach, strong resources and high quality in-destination service delivery of TUI, with the digital capabilities, agile working methodology and start-up mindset of Musement.

The business is in a perpetual state of digital transformation, with ongoing investment in digital capabilities ensuring TUI Musement is at the forefront of technology implementation in the Tours & Activities market, including advanced distribution platforms and artificial intelligence enabled customer service.

The combination of digital expertise and world class service experience at TUI Musement has created a ‘mature digital culture’; fast, brave, data-led, collaborative, simple, commercial and, most importantly, guest-centric.


The market for tours and activities is the third largest segment in tourism after the flight and hotel business. In 2019, sales in this market segment amounted to more than 170 billion euros and with annual growth rates of seven percent, the tours and activities business is growing faster than tourism as a whole.

Compared to the hotel and flight business, the market for tours and activities is still relatively non-digital. There are few pure online providers and therefore not many opportunities for guests to book online.

The supply side of the tours and activities market is extremely fragmented. Of the 350,000 or so providers, more than 90 percent are small businesses with annual sales of less than one million euros. So far, they have done business almost exclusively with casual customers, i.e. holidaymakers who ‘stumble’ across their shop or stand in the destination.


TUI Musement serves three customer groups:

  • TUI Customers: Enabling the seamless and connected journey of our customers through providing services in the destination via reps, as well as through the TUI Digital Assistant (TDA) app and TUI Experience Center (TXC).
  • B2B Strategic Clients: Delivering value to partners from different areas of the travel industry through both digital and physical service delivery. This includes airlines, cruise lines, ground transportation, OTAs, tour operators and other leading businesses.
  • B2C Open Market Customers: Providing all travelers around the world with the opportunity to book thousands of tours and activities in over 100 countries.


We are the only supplier to cover all four components in the tours and activities market. While many providers look at  production, sourcing and distribution, TUI Musement also directly delivers experiences through thousands of TUI employees in countries around the world. Furthermore, a single global team of over 200 offer experts is responsible for ‘curating’ our tours and activities – this is our way of ensuring the high quality of every experience we provide.


In the tours and activities growth area, we currently offer over 160,000 ‘things to do’, ranging ranges from wellness and adventure experiences, to tickets for sporting events and museum visits, guided city tours and individual sightseeing tours. Whether in the world's most important holiday destinations, or in major cities – we have the right experience for every occasion.


We want to impress our guests not only in our variety of experiences, but also in the way they can get in touch with us. Our aim is to give our customers the choice of communications channel that best suits their individual needs – be it a call to the TUI Experience Centre, personal advice from the travel agency and the TUI Rep on site, or digitally via our website or our app, the TUI Digital Assistant. You can reach us from anywhere, at any time of day or night. By collecting the data at each point of contact, we are able to get to know our guests better and therefore offer them more individual offers tailored to their preferences and wishes.

We feel responsible

As partners of the destinations, we are committed to the protection of nature and the local wildlife and respect the local culture of the countries. This is why we offer our guests excursions under the TUI Collection brand, which satisfy both sustainable aspects and provide authentic experiences for the guest. Our employees are also committed to environmental protection in a variety of ways. In 2018 alone, 2,000 colleagues in 21 countries cleaned over 90km of beaches removing 8,500 kilograms of rubbish.