Tourism: A Force For Good

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and the main force for development and prosperity in many parts of the world. Every holiday leaves an impression – in our hearts, but also on the environment. We use our scale and influence for the sustainable transformation of travel. Together with our partners we strive to continue to positively contribute to local communities, reduce our environmental footprint and create experiences that are authentic and sustainable.

Learn more here about our Sustainability Agenda and the three building blocks and 15 focus areas, as well as our contribution to the UN SDGs. You can also find out the latest sustainability news, journey through our timeline of key milestones and discover sustainability in numbers.



We are mindful of the importance of travel and tourism for many countries in the world and for the people living there. We partner with these countries and other stakeholders to actively shape a more sustainable future for tourism. We are in a decade of sustainable transformation. TUI takes its responsibility seriously. And TUI takes action.



Our Sustainability Agenda builds on tourism as a force for good, while being mindful of our footprint. Our ambition is to continue to lead the industry and actively shape a more sustainable future for tourism in all three dimensions of sustainability (social, environmental and economic). We strive to become sustainability leaders in all that we do.

Our Agenda is underpinned by three core building blocks, to empower ‘People’ to drive development, reduce TUI’s environmental footprint on the ‘Planet’ and partner with others to ‘Progress’ the transformation of our industry.

Commitments include reducing the Group's emissions. As an important interim step, TUI has committed to 2030 emission reduction targets for its own airlines, cruises and hotels. The independent Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a collaboration by the UN Global Compact and WWF, among others, conducted an in-depth review of TUI's targets to ensure they were in line with the latest climate science and approved ago. By 2030, emissions from TUI Airline are to be reduced by 24 percent, Group-owned hotels by at least 46.2 percent and cruises by 27.5 percent compared to 2019 levels. Further commitments include achieving net-zero emissions across our  operations and supply chain by 2050 at the latest, becoming a circular business, enabling 20 million customers a year to make sustainable holiday choices by 2030 and co-creating the sustainable destination of the future.



Our Three P’s of People, Planet and Progress are supported by 15 focus areas to drive the sustainable transformation.


Empower to drive development

Tourism is the main force for development and prosperity in many parts of the world. It creates employment, provides education and drives up social and environmental standards.

We will ensure that local people and communities benefit from tourism and the local supply chain. We will empower a generation of changemakers by helping them acquire the new skills and knowledge they need to transform the tourism industry.

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Reduce our footprint

We are working to reduce the environmental footprint of holidays and drive-up environmental standards in our industry.

We have set emissions reduction targets for 2030 that have been approved by the independent Science Based Targets initiative – for our own airlines, cruise lines and hotels. We will achieve net-zero emissions across our operations and supply chain by 2050 at the latest. To protect our planet we will change the way we use resources, and become a circular business.

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Accelerate the transformation

We aim to use our scale to increase the positive impact of every holiday experience we offer. We strive to become sustainability leaders in all that we do.

Together with our partners we will co-create the next generation sustainable business model for the tourism industry. We will enable our customers to make sustainable holiday choices at every stage of the customer journey.

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The Sustainability Agenda is our response to the key industry and global challenges we will face in the coming decades, such as climate change.


TUI’s commitment to sustainability spans more than three decades, from environmental reporting to a holistic agenda for sustainable tourism. Click on the years to follow our journey as we look at some of our key milestones since 1990…



holidays to sustainability certified hotels since 2015


Hotels with sustainability certifications in 2022


freshwater consumption per cruise passenger night since 2015


Airline carbon efficiency improvements since 2008


Excursions delivered with sustainability at their heart since 2015


single-use plastics items removed since 2018


TUI Care Foundation projects active in 25 destinations