Vision & Values

At TUI we aim to lead the way, consistently evolving to adapt to new consumer needs and market opportunities to ensure we stay ahead of the game. Since 2015, our business vision was THINK TRAVEL. THINK TUI. The message back then was simple: TUI equals travel. It guided us whilst moving from independent tour operators to the leading integrated tourism group, from local heritage brands into the global power brand we are today.

Now we are ready to broaden and grow that power brand. So it’s time to reflect on a new vision that stretches across our full product offering – packages, components, hotels, flights, tours, cities, experiences, cars and more and focuses our efforts on our specialist capability – leisure experiences and enriching people’s lives. A vision is about directing us all towards the same goal and making our ambition clear to the marketplace. TUI enriches lives through travel & leisure experiences.

To summarise this vision, TUI’s new vision statement is: Excellence in Leisure Experiences. Excellence is what we strive for in everything we do, every day. Leisure is our focus, our heart, it’s our heritage and what we know. And Experiences encompass the broad range of products we have to offer and the end-to-end customer journey we own.

This new north star goal is completing the picture of other guiding initiatives, our brand purpose: “TUI creates the moments that make life richer”, our customer-centricity programme “Makers of Happy”, our values “Trusted”, “Unique”, “Inspiring”, our customer promise of “Live Happy” and our new employer brand “Let’s TUI It!”. Each of these initiatives is directed towards a specific audience with different goals in mind. However, they are all connected by the same ingredients that make us unique. Excellence in Leisure Experiences is now completing the picture.