Creating positive change for people and communities

Local communities should share the benefits of tourism and the environment and human rights should be protected. Our ‘Make a difference’ pillar aimed to ensure that tourism is a powerful force for good – boosting economies, creating jobs, protecting wildlife and enhancing cultural understanding and tolerance along our value chain. By showing customers how more sustainable holiday products equal a better holiday experience, we wanted to boost demand for sustainable tourism.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the key figures of the financial year 2020 unfortunately are of limited use for comparison. Therefore, in most cases KPIs of 2019 have been used to illustrate progress since the start of the strategy.

Ambition by 2020

We will deliver 10 million ‘greener and fairer’ holidays a year by 2020, enabling more local people to share in the benefits of tourism.

We measure our progress by the annual number of customers we take to hotels with credible sustainability certifications (sustainability certifications recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council).


We took over 10.3 million customers to hotels with credible sustainability certifications recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (in 2019). Since 2015, we have delivered over 43 million ‘greener and fairer’ holidays.


Hotels in our tourism business portfolio will achieve credible sustainability certifications.

We delivered 10.3 million ‘greener and fairer’ holidays through 1,688 hotels that were certified to a standard recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council in 2019 (up from 84% and 78% respectively since the baseline year).

We will make sure our hotels can access the right tools, learning and expertise to lead the industry.

We supported our hotels through sustainability workshops at local and international conferences, Travelife roadshows and through consultancy support. In addition, we set up a web portal for TUI hotels to receive updates and news on relevant sustainability topics.

Our TUI hotels will include innovative environmental features, invest in skills training for staff, develop local skills and favour local sustainable procurement.

Since the start of the strategy, environmental KPIs of TUI Hotels & Resorts have improved. Average carbon emissions per guest night decreased by 5.2%, energy consumption decreased by 3.8% and freshwater use was down by 3.1%. Many of our hotels have innovative environmental features such as the Robinson Club Apulia with one of the largest hotel solar panel systems in Europe.

In 2019, 73% of employees in our owned and International Concept hotels were receiving vocational training and there were 5,202 apprenticeships in place; 87% of employees were nationals of the country and 78% of food and beverage was sourced from within the country.

We found that our most sustainably managed hotels out-perform non-certified hotels on environmental performance and deliver higher quality and customer satisfaction. Read more here.

We aim to remove 250 million pieces of single-use plastics from our operations (2018 – 2020).

Over 257 million pieces of single-use plastics have been removed from our operations since setting this commitment. For example, 27 million from across our airlines, 31 million from cruise operations and 197 million from our hotel operations. TUI signed the International Tourism Plastic Pledge and is a member of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Advisory Group, rolled out Plastic Reduction Guidelines for hotels and held a dedicated workshop for TUI Hotels.

Our destination management companies and excursions will meet sustainability standards.

Since 2015, customers have experienced 5 million TUI Collection excursions (based on local and sustainability elements), from 0.5m excursions delivered in 2015 to a peak of 1.2m excursions in 2019. The range of the TUI Collection portfolio expanded from 170 different excursions in 2015 (41 destinations in 12 countries) to 375 in 2019 (81 destinations in 23 countries).TUI has also included a sustainability component in our excursion contracts based on TUI’s minimum standards.

We will communicate about sustainability throughout the customer journey.

We communicate with customers about sustainability at touch points throughout the booking and holiday journey. Our businesses have been recognised for excellence in sustainability communications such as TUI UK & Ireland winning a Gold award at the World Responsible Tourism Awards in the ‘Best for communicating responsible tourism’ category (2018). We conducted consumer research on sustainability and tourism in many of our key markets that further highlighted the importance of sustainability to consumers and informed our approach, read more here.

Make a difference performance