TUI Sustainability Agenda

Our Sustainability Agenda builds on tourism as a force for good. Together with our partners we strive to continue to positively contribute to local communities, reduce our environmental footprint and create more sustainable holiday choices. TUI’s Sustainability Agenda is the next chapter in TUI’s sustainability journey in the right direction. Our ambition is to continue to lead the industry and actively shape a more sustainable future for tourism in all three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. We will use our scale and influence for the sustainable transformation of the tourism industry. Our Agenda consists of three building blocks to drive the sustainable business transformation, to empower ‘People’ to drive development, reduce TUI’s environmental footprint on the ‘Planet’ and partner with others to ‘Progress’ the transformation of our industry.

People – Empower to drive development

Tourism is the main force for development and prosperity in many parts of the world. It creates employment, provides education and drives up social and environmental standards. We will ensure that local people and communities benefit from tourism and the local supply chain. We will empower a generation of changemakers by helping them acquire the new skills and knowledge they need to transform the tourism industry.

Planet – Reduce our footprint

We are working to reduce the environmental footprint of holidays and drive-up environmental standards in our industry. We will achieve net-zero emissions across our operations and supply chain by 2050 at the latest and significantly reduce our environmental footprint in the areas of water, energy and waste. To protect our planet, we will change the way we use natural resources and become a circular business.

Progress – Accelerate the transformation

We aim to use our scale to increase the positive social and environmental impact of every holiday experience we offer. We strive to become sustainability leaders in all that we do. Together with our partners we will co-create the next generation sustainable business model for the tourism industry. We will enable our customers to make sustainable holiday choices in every stage of the customer journey.

More details will be presented in early 2023.

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