“Our data analysis shows that sustainability certifications for hotels, such as Travelife, help to drive sustainability performance and continuous environmental and socio-economic improvements. We encourage hotels to aim for certification that is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).”

Jane Ashton
Director of Sustainability

Sustainability & satisfaction go hand-in-hand

Our hotels with sustainability certifications deliver better environmental performance and higher customer satisfaction compared to non-certified hotels, according to our analysis of 330 hotels*.

Positive trend data for hotels with sustainability certifications:

  • 10 % lower CO2 emissions per guest night
  • 24 % lower waste volume per guest night
  • 19 % less fresh water use per guest night
  • 15 % less total water use per guest night
  • 23 % higher use of green energy
  • 9 % higher employment rate of national employees
  • higher costumer satisfaction scores for accommodation

*Analysis of 2017 performance data in which 75 % of hotels surveyed held sustainability certifications.