Building the best place to work

TUI employees are the ambassadors of our strategy, so we want our company to be the best place to work and our people to be passionate about what they do. That’s why a key goal of ‘Care More,’ the fourth pillar of our Better Holidays, Better World strategy, was to reach a colleague engagement score of more than 80 by 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the key figures of the financial year 2020 unfortunately are of limited use for comparison. Therefore, KPIs of 2019 have been used in most cases to illustrate progress since the start of the strategy.

Ambition by 2020

We will achieve a colleague engagement score of over 80 – aligning us with the top 25 global companies – by 2020.


In 2019 the TUIgether employee engagement score was 76 points, due to the pandemic the employee survey did not go ahead in 2020 (Baseline year 2015 with 73).


Align our employee engagement score with high performers

Over the past five years, our TUIgether employee survey has become an established feedback tool, underpinning the importance of regular feedback as an integral element of TUI’s culture. However, the COVID-19-pandemic has created a rapidly changing situation, with many employees in short-time work schemes or on some other state employment programme. In this environment, a global survey would deliver an incomplete snapshot without generating a profound data base for future decisions. TUI has therefore decided to suspend the planned 2020 employee survey including the survey of the engagement index. In the meantime, a new survey approach in the form of a ’listening strategy’ is being devised. It will enable us to be more flexible in the future and focus even more on relevant data. In the financial year under review, we encouraged our employees to use the dialogue facilitated by performance and talent management within Great Place to Grow as a feedback opportunity.

The last full survey was conducted in 2019 with an engagement index of 76. TUI Group’s overall results were at the previous year’s level – and 2 points higher than the external global benchmark. The participation rate of 75% also remained stable and is a good indicator that an appreciated feedback culture has been created within the last 5 years.

Create a leadership team reflective of the diverse nature of our business

In 2020, we further intensified our efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. As a strategic basis, we drew up a Diversity Roadmap 2030. To enhance the measurability of the progress delivered, the diversity reporting launched in 2019 was repeated and further expanded in 2020.

A Diversity Action Group, which includes representatives of the markets and segments, was set up to implement these projects. Two global employee networks were formed, complementing existing employee networks in the markets. In addition, many other learning materials and virtual events were launched to promote diversity among employees and managers.

As in previous years, various indicators relating to the proportion of women in managerial functions and in the overall headcount were reported as part of our diversity activities this year. The proportion of women in the overall headcount rose further to 57.8 %. While TUI delivered increases in the proportion of women in managerial functions in the past four years, the numbers remained flat or declined in 2020.

Roll out people development opportunities

The HR strategy Learning@TUI supports TUI employees and managers globally with a broad range of learning content and contributions to leadership and management programmes. Our goal is to enable our employees to take responsibility for their own growth and their careers in a constantly changing world.

COVID-19 and the new ways of working it has entailed have increased the need for mobile learning. With this year’s introduction of the TUI Learning Lounge, TUI has created a crucial basis for making personal development available on any device for all employees, anytime and anywhere. The platform is a digital learning portal, offering a broad range of flexible blended-learning programmes and open on-demand content that combines different methods and media and is sourced both internally and externally. In financial year 2020 the Learning Lounge was used by more than 9,000 employees.

The TUI Finance, HR and IT Academies also focus on promoting the skills required to support functional, global and strategic challenges and opportunities. They offer our employees a perspective founded on continuous professional development and ensure that newly acquired professional expertise can be put to effective use. With the need to accelerate digitalisation across TUI, the direct focus is on further developing the Tech Academy to support the upskilling of our employees in new technologies and ways of working.

In Leadership Development, our focus is on the creation and expansion of TUI’s talent pipeline. In 2020, 177 executives took part in our three Leadership programmes in order to learn more about work and leadership in the digital era.

Our colleagues will be ambassadors of sustainability

During the course of the strategy, we provided opportunities for colleagues to engage in sustainability through champion networks, sustainability-themed training, and supporting the work of the TUI Care Foundation.

We had many active sustainability champion networks in place across our business, such as TUI Aviation and our markets (Germany, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands). We rolled out two extensive internal campaigns to raise awareness of and support for the TUI Care Foundation. For the sixth year in a row colleagues based in our destinations organised an annual clean-up campaign – over 2,000 participants cleaned 62 areas in 19 countries (2019).