Like no other form of travel, the package tour offers safety and the highest consumer protection standards. Thus, TUI assumes responsibility from the booking to the return journey. We are always there for our guests - also through our own teams in almost all vacation regions. 

In doing so, we set standards for the tourism industry. See our safety and hygiene concepts in the pandemic: In June 2020, TUI developed hygiene and safety standards together with the governments of Greece, Cyprus and the Balearic Islands and successfully tested them in pilot projects. In terms of safe cruise concepts, again, TUI has been a pioneer in the industry.

Highest level of safety

In crises such as the first lockdown in March 2020, TUI Group demonstrates its agility and responsibility in a special way. In a very short time, TUI flew around 200,000 people back to their home countries and provided capacity for other countries and tourism companies. As a tour operator, we offer the highest level of safety along the entire travel chain. This is not the case with so-called modular tours: Here, the risks and costs of repatriation actions lie with holidaymakers and governments.

The main reason for the TUI Group's performance during the coronavirus pandemic: the safety of our guests and the highest level of service on site have always been our top priorities.

  • Professional security management: TUI's crisis management monitors all worldwide destinations around the clock. Whether natural disasters, strikes, political unrest or epidemics: The team classifies events at an early stage and prepares measures. The TUI crisis team consists of half a dozen employees with decision-making authority and is ready to act within minutes.
  • Care: Vacationers receive a 24-hour care service via app and in person on site. TUI is always the direct contact, whether it's a matter of rebooking, excursions or doctor's appointments at the vacation destination. For this purpose, the travel group employs around 8,500 people in more than 100 destinations worldwide.