Position paper: EU Package Travel Directive

Package holidays are the safest form of travel. There is no other industry where customers benefit from comparable protection. Currently, proposals to reform the EU Package Travel Directive (PTD) are discussed. We urge for moderation in order to not jeopardise the competitiveness of the European package holiday.

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As of: September 2023

Whitepaper: Sustainability in tourism

As one of the world's leading travel groups, we have been sustainability pioneers over the past decades. With our new Sustainability Agenda, we are continuing to transform the industry and set examples in all aspects of sustainable tourism. On our path to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations, TUI has already set ambitious targets for key business areas by 2030. Each day, we are working on reducing emissions from travel, faster, bolder, and more ambitious than the industry's target of 2050.

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As of: February 2023