TUI Green IT Award: Creating Partnerships for a more sustainable future

We are excited to announce that following the successful inaugural last year TUI Green IT awards, we will be launching our 2nd TGI Award in October. Last year QA Ltd., Deutsche Telekom and Amazon were the winners of the TUI Green IT Award. Now we are entering the second run and the invitation to participate is going out to all IT service providers of TUI.

What is the TUI green IT award?

The TUI Green IT awards create an opportunity for our IT suppliers to share their sustainable innovations, initiatives, and actions. The inaugural TGI Award was launched November 2022 with winners announced in March 2023. The aim of the award is to create a community of change makers with our IT suppliers and partners.

A key objective of the awards is to establish ongoing dialog and   exploration with our partners to create a more sustainable future. Winners will be invited to share their knowledge with our TUI colleagues.

How do participants submit their sustainable action?

Suppliers will submit their sustainable initiative via an online survey, sharing information such as what problem they are solving, what their initiative was, how it was delivered, and what benefits were achieved. Importantly, we will also ask what potential the project has for TUI & the tourism industry, and how TUI can support to drive this forward.

All entries will be reviewed and shortlisted ready for a final assessment by a panel of judges who will choose three winners which will be announced in March 2024.

What are the three award categories?

Our IT suppliers are invited to submit their sustainable initiatives, aligned to one of our 3 sustainability pillars: people, planet, or progress.

People: Entries to the People category should empower people to drive development, these Initiatives help local people and communities.

Planet: The Planet category is for initiatives which reduce environmental footprints.

Progress: Initiatives in the Progress category aim to Accelerate the transformation, these initiatives should use scale to increase the positive social and environmental impact of holiday experiences.

What improvements have been made for TGI Awards 2024?

We learned a lot from our 1st awards and have made many improvements for this iteration. We have streamlined the survey reducing the questions by 75% from 40 to 10, making questions more inclusive and accessible to encourage a wider variety of initiatives. We have created some supporting documents which add more context to the awards and help guide the suppliers in choosing their initiative and connecting it to our pillars/categories. We have created logos for each category and the award itself and are creating a more comprehensive list of our suppliers so we can reach more of our partners and create a wider, positive impact.

“Sustainability is a top priority for TUI. This year we launched the TUI Sustainability Agenda which takes actions to maximize the positive impact and reduce the environmental footprint of tourism. We are convinced that technology and data are key enablers to the success of the Agenda.”

Kathrin Möllers
Group Director Sustainability & ESG of TUI

“Technology is key to accelerate the sustainable transformation of TUI.   The sustainable transformation ahead of us is a huge challenge, impacting every aspect of our business and technology landscape. Therefore, we want to work closely together with our tech suppliers through the TUI Green IT Award.  We will need their enthusiasm and creativity to make the transformation a success.”

Pieter Jordaan