22 March 2021

Female Leaders@TUI – Hilka Schneider

TUI has many successful female leaders in a wide range of areas. In our series "Female Leaders@TUI" we feature these colleagues and their inspiring thoughts on the subject of equality in interview form. This time we talked to Hilka Schneider, member of the Group Executive Committee.

Hilka, what is your current role?

I’m a member of the Group Executive Committee and responsible for Legal as well as Integrity & Compliance.

Who is your role model as a female leader?

Christine Lagarde. So smart, inspiring, elegant and not afraid to raise her hand when asked whether she is a feminist.

Each year we ask ourselves the same, important question: Where does our society stand in terms of female leadership? And what about TUI?

Well, look at the numbers: How many companies are led by female CEOs? What is the percentage of women in high leadership positions? I do not think that this is satisfying. Also not at TUI. 

There is a lot of talk about the specifics and qualities of female leadership. How are you leading?

I try to see what a team members needs in terms of leadership. That can be very different. What comes most naturally to me is being performance-oriented, open to be convinced by better arguments and caring.

What is your advice for young female professionals regarding growth in their careers?

Be ambitious, look for role models and lean in also when it gets tough. Do not underestimate the difference you can make in high positions and how rewarding this can be.