… that in the last two years over 600 TUI employees have adopted more than 800 sea turtles?

Every donation to an adopted baby turtle supports local organisations in the Cape Verde Islands, Turkey and Greece who make sure that the hatchlings find their way from the beach to the sea. A million turtles are to be protected in this way by 2020. That is the target set by TUI Turtle Aid, one of the biggest environment programmes initiated by TUI Care Foundation. One turtle is even being monitored by satellite as it swims the oceans to help researchers understand where these threatened sea creatures gather and what paths they follow.

… that over the last six years TUI together with customers and employees has removed rubbish from on average 300 kilometres of beach coastline?

… that TUI Nordics have not printed a single tour catalogue since 2010?

Catalogues are only available online. It saves paper and printing costs – and reduces the strain on the environment.

… that 200,000 bees have been living outdoors at TUI Germany’s site in Hanover since summer 2019?

They produce an impressive 130 kilograms of honey a year. TUI Germany is following the good example set by Belgium. For some years now, the 70,000 TUI bees there have been making a valuable contribution to preserving biodiversity.

… that with the right flying technique pilots can save up to 50 kilograms of fuel per landing?

The TUI airlines put their pilots through a special course where they learn about climate-efficient flying techniques and qualify in turn as fuel coaches. There are many ways to cut kerosene consumption: like using ground electricity rather than the auxiliary engine to power functions prior to take-off. Or adopting the continuous descent approach for an optimal landing. And after that a single-engine taxi is quite enough to get the plane into park position.

… that a special thermal ceiling keeps the bedrooms cool in Robinson Club Jandia Playa on Fuerteventura?

It works a bit like underfloor heating but instead of warming the air it cools the ceiling and walls – without making any noise or causing extra currents of air. The effects are more enduring than with conventional air conditioning.

»...that in 2019 we rolled out a new TUI Code of Conduct, our Integrity Passport, for all our employees? It highlights our commitment to integrity and offers guidance if any doubts ever arise. It also helps us to protect TUI’s excellent reputation.«

Dr. Hilka Schneider, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Group Director Legal, Compliance & Board Office