The world is becoming more digital, but desires are as analogous as ever. TUI’s response is to play its trump card: people who provide a highly personal service. And what unlikely things do customers ask for? Three employees from different destinations tell their stories


»I saw this plea for help on Facebook from a travel agent I knew. He had a deaf customer who had often had bad experiences travelling – and he didn’t want that to happen with TUI. ‘Right up my street,’ I thought, so I got in touch with Mr and Mrs O’Rourke and prepared them for their trip. One thing I kept to myself, though: I was going 
to be their cabin crew. They got a huge surprise on board. I welcomed them in sign language, answered all their questions, brought the drinks they wanted, was just there for them. The experience was beyond words!«

Carl Norman, flight attendant, TUI Airways

»A luxury 30 cm mattress? A romantic dinner on a cliff top? We go to almost any lengths to satisfy the wishes of our guests. One case that is particularly engraved in my memory: a sweet old lady who made an accomplice of me. My secret mission: to hide two bottles of orangeade in her bedside cabinet every day. Her husband must not find out that she was having sugary drinks. Usually it’s these little things that keep people happy. They make a big difference.« 

Alexander Oswald, wish fulfiller, Robinson Club, Majorca

»To see Madeira just once” – that was the last wish of a Spaniard who thought an island excursion was literally beyond his reach because he was in a wheelchair. When I received this request from his family, I didn’t think twice. I decided we were going to make his dream come true. My team put together a customised excursion package. When the man set off to explore the island in an acces­sible vehicle and with a Spanish guide, it was such an emotional moment. Not just for him, but for me too!« 

Johanna Lütje, shore excursion administrator, TUI Cruises