… took 1 more TUI excursion (on average) per holiday,

they would make their holiday even more fascinating – and we would know more about what they like doing. That will help us to offer them more personalised activities in the future. Bold spirits shoot the rapids in Costa Rica while hobby cooks practise paella on Majorca – just two examples out of about 150,000 options in our inventory. For our customers, these are unforgettable memories, but we profit too: by growing in one of the most attractive segments in tourism.

… also booked excursions and activities in their destination with TUI,

that would generate huge potential for our turnover and growth. Initially we are focusing our campaigns on the  21 million customers who book their holidays with our own subsidiaries in the European source markets. In theory this sounds like a simple lever, but in reality there is nothing trivial about it at all. Because, of course, customers will only pay more for an additional service if they recognise a benefit. So we work on these details all the time: our employees are continually expanding the TUI product spectrum. They generate new options like preferred rooms or apply appropriate IT and artificial intelligence to design experiences more in tune with customer preferences – and create the framework for holiday makers to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the destination.

… told two friends about their holiday with TUI,

we would reach another 54 million potential customers. It isn’t just about the quantity of these contacts: quality is at least as important. If someone hears a friend talking about an exotic place, perhaps it will tempt them to broaden their own horizons – and travel somewhere they had never thought about before or feel more comfort­able about exploring new countries and cultures.

… rejected one more plastic straw while away,

or else replaced it with one made of sustainable material, the environment would benefit hugely. These drinking aids account for about four per cent of global annual plastic waste. It’s well worth getting by without them. TUI sets a good example here: passengers on the Mein Schiff fleet and guests at Riu hotels in Spain, Portugal and Cape Verde are given compostable straws, and in 2019 these will be introduced in the Caribbean. Other hotels under the Robinson, TUI Blue and TUI Magic Life brands have launched similar initiatives.

… rated TUI online after their holiday,

we would receive 27 million direct, honest opinions to evaluate and put to good use. For example, by placing  hotels with the best scores higher on our websites, by adjusting our ancillary programme or by sending our customers personal feedback.

… posted their favourite memories on #DiscoverYourSmile,

we would reach many of Instagram’s billion users in the most authentic manner. And the more people post those holiday moments, the more potential customers will sense the magic behind our brand. That way – and no ad campaign can achieve this – customer recommendations alone will prove that holiday memories are one of the key features of our product. As so many Instagram users are young, we also reach the real decision-makers in the family: it’s not unusual for children to determine where the next holiday should be spent.

… stayed at a hotel with a sustainability certificate,

the positive impact would be enormous: per bednight, compared with uncertified hotels, that means on average ten per cent less CO2 emitted, 24 per cent more waste avoided, 19 per cent less fresh water used and 23 per cent more green energy consumed. The domestic employment rate increases by nine per cent, and on top of all this customers are more satisfied. TUI is working constantly to certify more hotels: 80 per cent of our own hotels have already received awards for their environmental commitment and social responsibility. And with 9.2 million guests, a considerable share of TUI holidaymakers travelled green already.