12 May 2022

TUI WORKWIDE Norway – Natalie Jones

As a global travel group, TUI wants to enable its employees to work abroad from time to time. The pandemic in particular has shown that flexible working is possible. For this reason, TUI WORKWIDE was launched in 2021. Colleagues can work abroad for up to 30 days a year to have a healthy work-life balance. This balance is important for a fulfilling career and overall personal well-being.

Nathalie Jones is a Business Process Analyst for TUI in the UK. Recently, TUI WORKWIDE helped her watch the Northern Lights dance.

Here is her story

“Usually, my holidays are fast paced and full of activities – relaxing was never really an option as I always felt there was so much to see and do in the 1 – 2-week annual leave break. However, with the TUI WORKWIDE initiative, it gives you the opportunity to stay longer without using additional annual leave days, which allowed me to have more time to relax and take in the surroundings and appreciate the beauty of a new country and culture.

We used TUI WORKWIDE to go to Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Although Norway in Winter doesn’t sound like much of a retreat from cold and glum England, having a snowy mountain paradise as my office view just gave me a new sense of motivation. One of the main activities in Norway at this time of year is to chase the Northern Lights which, of course, only happens at night. Therefore, I was able to work during the day and see the lights dance through the sky in the evenings.

Combining TUI WORKWIDE with a few annual leave days and being there for two weekends meant I could see more of the country, and work with a beautiful new view each time. We stayed mostly in cabins which all had excellent wifi, making the work set up easy.

I love this initiative and think it shows how TUI embraces and encourages flexible working to support a healthy work/life balance.”