4 April 2022

TUI WORKWIDE Ibiza – Andrew Willis

As a global travel group, TUI wants to enable its employees to work abroad from time to time. The pandemic in particular has shown that flexible working is possible. For this reason, TUI WORKWIDE was launched in 2021. Colleagues can work abroad for up to 30 days a year to have a healthy work-life balance. This balance is important for a fulfilling career and overall personal well-being.

TUI Musement’s Head of Recruitment and Workforce Management, Andrew Willis, took advantage of TUI WORKWIDE in Ibiza, where he made the most of two long weekends in the sun whilst continuing to work Monday-Thursday from one of our TUI hotels.

Here is his story

“I really had a great time off. I got my work done and was able to enjoy two long weekends without using up my holiday days in between. When I finished my work at 5pm, the sun was still there until 8:30pm, so I had plenty of time to swim and relax. In the evenings I could then switch off wonderfully. We went out for dinner or spent time in the city. It was also a bonus for me to spend a day at the local TUI office to meet old and new colleagues. But most of all, I enjoyed the simple things: No cooking or cleaning! A well-deserved break from the routine. 

Sunday evening was not easy because I knew I would have to go back to work the next morning, even though we had just relaxed. But on Monday morning I quickly got back into the swing of things.

For me, it was important to have a good place to work. Depending on how much time you spend working on the laptop, a good workspace in a cool and quiet area is important. Many of our TUI hotels already offer formal rooms and facilities for working. It is also helpful to plan your schedule in advance, taking into account the time zone you will be working in during TUI WORKWIDE. My calendar was set to UK time, which worked perfectly as my 8am meetings became 9am meetings.”