28 March 2022

TUI WORKWIDE Cyprus – Yolanda Dobson

As a global travel group, TUI wants to enable its employees to work abroad from time to time. The pandemic in particular has shown that flexible working is possible. For this reason, TUI WORKWIDE was launched in 2021. Colleagues can work abroad for up to 30 days a year to have a healthy work-life balance. This balance is important for a fulfilling career and overall personal well-being.

Yolanda Dobson is an IT Category Manager at TUI in UK. With TUI WORKWIDE she was able to spend time with her elderly Aunt in Cyprus – and work in parallel in the sheltered warmth of the November.

Here is her story

“TUI WORKWIDE helped create an unforgettable memory for me last November when I applied to work in Paphos, Cyprus, for a week. I lost my mother, Stella, to COVID in January 2020 and looked to take up the chance of visiting her twin sister, Androulla, now 88. She is in great shape, although a hip replacement means her left leg is not so good and tends to annoy her as it falls asleep when she walks. Due to this naughty left leg, I knew she was not going to walk much but all we both wanted was to spend some time together, especially in case lockdown or travel regulations prevented us from doing so in 2022, or perhaps never if we lost the chance. So when the chance came I grabbed it with both hands and applied for TUI WORKWIDE.

Once in Paphos, after we woke in the morning I went for a run on the beach while Androulla got herself ready at her own pace for breakfast when I returned. With the two-hour time difference from the UK, it meant I could dedicate those wonderful early hours to her and me only. We spent those pre-work hours chatting about my mum (her sister), our family, cousins and past adventures when I was growing up with those pesky other brothers and sisters, all whilst sipping fresh juices and coffee and eating fruit, eggs and pastries served on white table-cloths by a glimmering, palm tree surrounded pool at the Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel, booked through TUI, of course.

The hotel let me stay there all day in the sheltered warmth of the November sun so I took my calls and worked on the PC while Androulla sat with me reading her book, sipping her coffee and occasionally chatting on how lucky we were to have this time together. As I sat with Androulla, in so many moments I was reminded of my blessings to be with her and just do nothing except sit and share precious moments with her.

Now, I realise we were so lost in “our” moments that we didn’t take even one photo together of “just us”, which means I will have to go again soon as time is moving fast.”