7 September 2020

New TUI BLUE Hotel on Cyprus

The TUI BLUE Atlantica Mare Village on the southwest coast of the island is designed for relaxing beach vacations with the whole family.

With the TUI BLUE Atlantica Mare Village, TUI Group is adding a newly designed resort on the south coast of Cyprus to the portfolio of the lifestyle hotel brand. The comprehensively renovated and in many areas completely rebuilt complex is designed for relaxing beach vacations for the whole family. The hotel with 305 rooms is situated in a quiet location, directly by the sea and offers all-inclusive food with authentic local cuisine as well as an extensive BLUEf!t sports program.

In cooperation with the long-standing hotel partner Atlantica, not only was the TUI BLUE concept introduced in the new family hotel, but also the comprehensive hygiene measures were implemented according to the highest COVID-19 standards.

Focus on families and children

In addition to the selection of newly designed family rooms, the pool landscape is also tailored to the needs of parents and children. An outdoor and indoor pool, a children's pool and a shaded baby pool provide the right water fun for all ages. In the 2020 season, the focus of childcare will be on outdoor activities. The hotel also offers an extended range of family activities, e.g. outdoor craft tables and games that can be rented. The children are looked after in small groups at several times a day. In addition, as in all other areas of the hotel, there is regular and intensive disinfection of the areas for children. The registration process is largely contactless via the BLUE App. Even during meals, the hotel responds playfully to the needs of the children: As a special incentive, the little gourmets can collect stickers for each healthy dish they tasted.

Last preparations after 2 years of construction

TUI concept implementation manager Abbie Bennett was on site in Cyprus in the past few days to accompany the preparations: “The excitement around this hotel is extraordinary, already lots of followers on social media and the hotel hasn’t even opened. It has been a truly amazing two years being involved in this project. Looking back from my first visit when the diggers and cranes were here, to now when the hotel has transformed into a TUI BLUE For Families and is ready to welcome our first guests.”