19 June 2020

TUI takes off again

On Monday the first tourist flights to Majorca started

Following the ease of travel restrictions in Europe, TUI has resumed parts of the 2020 summer programme. In mid-June and early July the programme will start again for the Group's European markets: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland will take guests to a limited number of destinations. On Monday TUI started the summer season with two fully booked TUI fly machines from Germany to Majorca. In the days following, 20 more flights will follow, including one to Faro.

Like all other TUI hotels the RIU Bravo was closed for several months. The restart in Palma generated a huge media interest. Spanish and international journalists and TV teams accompanied the first holiday guests. TUI Group Executive Board member Sebastian Ebel was also on site and praised the good cooperation between the government and the Group. We have summarised the very emotional day of the reopening in a video for you.