Hannover, 6 December 2018

TUI Aviation: Stronger cooperation among the TUI Group Airlines

  • Kenton Jarvis heads network of 150 airplanes, flying 27 million passengers
  • Marco Ciomperlik becomes Chief Operations Officer
  • Passengers will benefit from TUI’s investment in new airplanes along with Inflight Services initiatives and joint spare airplane capacity management 

TUI Aviation, which covers the Group’s five leisure airlines in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany, creates a new organisational model for the airline landscape and makes changes in management functions. In addition, TUI Group will further intensify the integration of its airlines with the source market organisations. Besides increasing efficiencies and the investment in fuel efficient next generation Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, passengers will benefit from initiatives like a group wide on-board streaming service for the latest entertainment content or a joint approach towards spare airplane capacity management which will reduce delays during flight schedule disruptions. 

“Our airlines operate in an environment characterised by increasingly fierce competition with both traditional airlines and low-cost carriers making in-roads onto core leisure routes. As a consequence of this competition there have been numerous airline washouts recently, which affects the availability of third-party capacity. This structural development underlines the importance of our in-house aviation capabilities, so that we can cover the core flight capacity requirements for our tour operators and also be able to build new destinations like Cape Verde and continue to develop existing destinations”, says Kenton Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer of TUI Aviation.

Kenton Jarvis has restructured TUI Aviation to create greater integration and relies on a strong management team. Marco Ciomperlik will become Chief Operations Officer in charge of the four areas: Engineering & Maintenance, Supplier Management & Procurement, Inflight Services and Aviation IT. Jill Nye has been newly appointed as Director Inflight Services. She will be in charge of inflight services, product selection and logistics in close coordination with the source markets. Geert Somers has been newly appointed as Director Engineering & Maintenance in charge of all maintenance work for the airlines and for Supplier Management & Procurement. Isabelle Droll will be the responsible Director for Aviation IT.

Dawn Wilson will take over the Northern Region Airlines as Managing Director from 1st January 2019. She will directly report to Kenton Jarvis. She has many years of 

experience at TUI in both aviation and operations and now heads the airlines in the UK and Scandinavia. Oliver Lackmann will become the sole Managing Director of TUI fly Germany, also reporting to Kenton. He was appointed Managing Director and Accountable Manager at TUI fly Germany in March 2018. Gunther Hofmann continues as Managing Director of TUI fly Belgium and TUI Netherlands airlines. 

The Managing Directors will also have lead responsibilities in the aviation platform functions which go across all TUI Group airlines. Dawn Wilson will be Director Airline Operations, in charge of Operations Control areas across the Group. Oliver Lackmann will assume the Group role of Director Flight Operations including Compliance & Safety Management. Gunther Hofmann will continue to be in charge of Ground Operations across the Group.

“Seamless interaction between operators and users of the Group’s aviation services is essential for achieving an efficient airline network. All three Airline Managing Directors are now integrated in the respective source market boards for Northern, Central and Western Regions. This will allow us to further improve collaboration and gain greater efficiencies from working together and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.” adds Kenton Jarvis.

About TUI Group

TUI Group is the world’s leading integrated tourism group operating in more than 100 destinations worldwide. The company is headquartered in Germany. The TUI Group’s share is listed in the FTSE 250 index and in the German open market.

In financial year 2019, TUI Group recorded turnover of around €19bn and an operating result of €893m. The Group employs more than 70,000 people worldwide. TUI offers its 28 million customers, including 21 million customers in European national companies, integrated services from a single source. It covers the entire tourism value chain under one roof. This comprises more than 400 hotels and resorts with premium brands such as RIU, TUI Blue and Robinson as well as 18 cruise ships ranging from the MS Europa and MS Europa 2 luxury class vessels and expedition ships to the Mein Schiff fleet of TUI Cruises and the vessels of Marella Cruises in the UK. The Group also includes leading European tour operator brands, five airlines with 150 modern medium- and long-haul aircraft and 1,600 travel agencies. Apart from the expansion of its core business with hotels, cruises and destination activities, TUI is increasingly investing in digital platforms. The Group is transforming as a digital company.

Global responsibility for sustainable economic, ecological and social activity is a key feature of our corporate culture. TUI Care Foundation, initiated by TUI, promotes the positive effects of tourism, education and training as well as environmental and social standards with projects in 25 countries. It thus contributes to the development of the holiday destinations. TUI Care Foundation, operating around the world, initiates projects creating new opportunities for the next generation.