Shareholder by group in % of share capital

as of September 2022 / rounded figures 

The 27.16% stake in TUI AG directly held by Unifirm Limited remains attributable to Alexey Mordashov, despite voting rights notifications to the contrary, as Alexey Mordashov’s controlling majority in Unifirm Limited has not yet effectively been transferred to Ondero Limited/Marina Mordashova. Taking account of the additional 3.75 % stake of Severgroup LLC in TUI AG also attributable to him, Alexey Mordashov indirectly holds 30.91 % of the shares in TUI AG according to the information available to us.

The reason for the legal invalidity of this transfer is that the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) initiated a review process under the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act regarding the transfer of the shares in Unifirm Limited to Ondero Limited (“the transaction“) in March 2022. Due to this review, the transaction remains provisionally invalid until BMWK clears the transaction or does not take a decision within the review deadlines stipulated by law. This period commences when Ondero Limited /
Marina Mordashova submit the information still required by the BMWK in order to undertake its review.