Employee Share Participation Programme 2018

The Executive Board of TUI AG has resolved to buy back up to 59,196 own shares. The shares bought back shall be transferred to employees of TUI Group participating in the employee share participation program "oneShare“.

The shares are supposed to be purchased in the period of time between 13 August 2018 until 16 August 2018 for a maximum total purchase price of EUR 1,100,000.00 (without transaction costs). The 59,196 shares to be purchased would result in an estimate total purchase volume of EUR 1,015,211.40 (without transaction costs) on the basis of a share price of EUR 17.15 (XETRA closing price of 9 August 2018).

The shares purchased shall be transferred to the employees participating in "oneShare" immediately after the completion of the buyback. Consequently, the buyback will have no impact on the number of shares attracting a dividend. The share buyback thus serves to meet obligations arising from share option program, under Art. 5(2) lit. c) Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 April 2014 ("MAR“).

The following information will be made available the day after each transaction day.


Date               Shares purchased Volume weighted average purchase price in € Transaction value in € Transaction details
13.08.2018 15,000 16.950718 254,260.77
14.08.2018 15,000 16.913499 253,702.49
15.08.2018 15,000 16.442575 246,638.63
16.08.2018 14,196 16.559807 235,083.02



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