Craftsmanship, jewellery or something culinary - souvenirs for your loved ones at home or as your own souvenir of a wonderful holiday are very popular. However, many souvenirs damage the valuable biological diversity of the country, impair the habitats of endangered animal species or often do not originate from the respective region.

But which souvenirs can you take home with you and which not? How can you strengthen local handicrafts?

In cooperation with the Global Nature Fund (GNF), we have compiled relevant information and important tips to help you avoid unpleasant surprises at customs, preserve the biological diversity of your holiday destination and make an additional contribution to the local economy by supporting local craftsmanship.

Our Partner

The Global Nature Fund (GNF) is a non-profit, private, independent international foundation for the protection of environment and nature.

There will be more to come here

This page will be extended continuously. Information on souvenirs from other countries will be made available to you soon.