Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Anti-corruption clause

1. Code of Conduct for Suppliers

The client explicitly refers to the force of the TUI Group Supplier Code of Conduct which can be viewed at The client expects its suppliers to comply with the rules and principles contained therein.

2. Anti-corruption clause

The supplier agrees to comply with all German legislation to combat corruption in the execution of the contractually agreed services.

This obligation encompasses in any case the prohibition of unlawful payments or the granting of other unlawful benefits to public officials, business partners, to their employees, family members or other partners, and the prohibition of facilitation payments to public officials and other persons.

The contracting parties shall assist each other in measures to prevent corruption and, in particular, inform each other without delay if they have a specific knowledge or suspicion of corruption cases which are in a reasonable relation to this agreement or its performance.

Notes the client that the supplier violates anti-corruption legislation, the client is entitled to terminate the contract – possibly also exceptionally.

Further Information

If a supplier provides a delivery or service to a company in the List of TUI subsidiaries marked with an “X“ then the above mentioned clause is binding. 

A separate clause applies to all other companies.