Jo Fisher – Sensatori Delivery Manager (Rhodes)

Jo Fisher – Sensatori Delivery Manager (Rhodes)

What changes you implemented due to Corona do you think will stay beyond the pandemic? Will it have a long-term impact for you?

Everyone has had such different experiences during this time period and the impact on each person has been different. It is hugely important to be kind to yourself as well and ensure you care for your mind and not give yourself a hard time if you are having a down day.

I’ve noticed my stress levels are much lower, I don’t know if this is because we have been through such a hellish time that maybe now, nothing will seem that bad. I have a much more go with the flow attitude which I never really had before!

I spoke to my friends and family a lot while I was in the UK and I need to make sure I keep this up. I am grateful for the placements gods for calling me up to go back to work and the Sensatori team in the head office for placing me in a Sensatori and to be given the opportunity to help form what the guests experience will now look like. I am also grateful to our guests for coming on holiday and helping us get things going again.

Do you have an example for creative solutions to new problems that you came up with?

The childcare team are currently doing their sessions outside, so they have made the most of any easily portable furniture to use and set up their themes and using any items that they can easily sanitize and they’ve made little craft packs for each child so they don’t need to share pencils etc.

The entertainment team have had to restage all of their shows so that they are social distanced when dancing, they look fantastic and the guests wouldn’t notice any change really.

The sports and wellbeing team have had to cut numbers of how many people they can have to each session and they have to ensure all equipment is sanitized after use. We’ve got a quarantine box set up for some of the items so guests can still use facilities, but we have equipment on a quarantine rotation.

The guest relations team have had to change their lounge around so that the chairs are socially distanced, they have realized how important a smile is when communicating with people so it’s now all about the eyes. We are not allowed to give out any paper documents but thankfully we have the Sensatori App which we have had for a while now anyways, so our guests are used to using it, all the info is on here and it’s a great service.

Is there anything or anyone you are currently extra grateful for?

Life is about making memories and filling your life with wonderful experiences and now more so than ever before I want to see the whole word and have even more adventures. This was the longest time I’ve not traveled for and I felt like I’d had my wings clipped so it’s made me extra grateful for the opportunities I have and how lucky I am to be able to have adventures.