“Majestic stone formations and caves“

Susanne Sauthoff
Algarve, Portugal
Holiday Rep

What is special about the Algarve?

The Algarve still gives you the possibility to enjoy the traditional live, places where you think you have been set back in time. The East coast with its sand dunes and small islands is a paradise for a large variety of birds. Even flamingos have chosen the Ria Formosa nature parc as their home in the Winter. The west coast surprises you with the complementary opposite. It shows you that the Atlantic is forming majestic stone formations and caves with the impact of the ocean during many centuries.

Which beach or culture spot would you recommend in the Algarve?

Visit Fuseta a little fisherman’s town deep in the Ria Formosa Nature parc from where you take a private water taxi to be left on a little island to enjoy a white sandy desert in the Atlantic. 

What local food should visitors try in the Algarve?

Especially during Summertime, you have to enjoy grilled sardines with tomato & onion salad. Very tasty and refreshing, especially when you serve the sardines on top of a freshly baked bread. This is an authentic and rural food culture which you will find in small rustic taverns and also in five star restaurants.

What is the best experience in the Algarve?

Explore the caves in a natural friendly way, Kayak or stand up paddle, only with the sound of the Atlantic in a completely peaceful atmosphere.

What is your favourite TUI Excursion in the Algarve?

The Vincentina coast starting in Aljezur with stunning row landscapes, lots of flora and fauna but very few or no people at all. Wedged between the waves of the Atlantic and the Monchique Mountains.

Impressions of the Algarve