Evgeny Rudnev: Russia

Evgeny Rudnev, Senior Manager Analytics Group Audit, is guessing the score of the opening game and talks about the host country Russia.

What is your guess for the game Russia : Saudi Arabia tonight and why?

1:0. As you probably know the Russian Football team didn’t show any impressive results on world’s football level in the last years. Currently Russia is 70th place in FIFA World Ranking which doesn’t allow expecting great results during this championship.

What is the best place to watch football?
For me it would be an open air location with friends. 

Who is your favorite football player?
Actually I’m not a big fan of football; therefore I do not have any favorite player.  

Who will be world champion 2018?
My guess: Portugal.

Are there any traditions in your country when it comes to watching soccer?
It is very common to come together with friends or colleagues and watch a game in some bar. 

Besides football, what does your country have to offer?
Oh, a lot of things! First of all, Russia is not only big in terms of the territory, but also has a lot of people with different nationalities and cultures living together. So visiting Russia for most of the tourists means go to Moscow or St.-Petersburg, but there are a lot of other unique and contrasting regions and cities across the country. Football fans who are following their teams during the Cup have now a great opportunity to uncover the diversity of Russia by watching games for example in Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod or Samara. The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia is a wonderful chance for people from other countries to discover our country.