David Torres: Mexico

The Mexican colleague is guessing the score for the match against Germany and tells us where the best places in Mexico are.

David Torres: Mexico

What is your guess for the game Germany : Mexico tonight?

What is the best place to watch football?
Outback restaurant hotel zone Cancun and Guanatos bar in downtown Cancun.

Who is your favorite football player?
Tony Kroos (Germany).

Who will be world champion 2018?

Are there any traditions in your country when it comes to watching football?
Mexican people in Cancun make party like a carnival in the principal avenue (Tulum Avenue).

Besides football, what does your country have to offer?

  • Culture Chichen Itza (part of the seven world wonders)
  • Cenotes (caves) and underground rivers, the longers in the world
  • Caribian see
  • Sian Kaan natural park (protected by UNESCO)
  • Colonial cities and incredible traditions 
  • Mexican cuisine, Mexican beer and export success Tequila – Mezcal