newWork@TUI – Shaping the future of work

Joint paper by the Group Works Council and Executive Board formulates guidelines for the work of the future.

In March 2018, representatives of TUI Group’s Group Works Council and Executive Board signed a vision paper formulating guidelines for the future of work and defining a joint understanding of the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation for employees. The Group Works Council and Executive Board recognise their shared responsibility to actively contribute to this process and jointly develop the future of work at TUI. A first start is the vision paper entitled “newWork@TUI”, developed on the initiative of the Group Works Council.

What will the future of work at TUI be like? How can TUI use the opportunities offered by state-of-the-art IT? Is people’s physical presence in the office actually that important, or do the results of their work play a more important role? How will digitalisation change the work/life balance? The “newWork@TUI“ vision paper addresses these questions.

The freedom to work from anywhere
The Paper shows that TUI sees digitalisation as an opportunity. There is agreement between the Executive Board and the Group Works Council on the way to shape work at TUI. The company seeks to strengthen work concepts entailing greater self-determination for employees and a better work/life balance. The goal is to establish a results-driven culture – what matters are the results of people’s work, not the number of hours they have spent at the desk. In this context, TUI will have to rethink leadership. Trust and responsibility will be key elements of future concepts.

Better work/life balance, choice between more money or more time
In the paper, TUI has defined its first common guidelines for a new world of work. This includes, for instance, offering employees digital timeout and leeway, or the flexibility required to plan and shape different stages of their lives more individually. TUI will offer new working time models to create the necessary conditions to ensure that individual needs for greater flexibility regarding people’s working lifetime can be realised. Alongside money, TUI’s compensation system will also entail freely disposable timeout. TUI employees will increasingly be offered the freedom to choose between more money or more time.

An opportunity for life-long learning
TUI is aware of its responsibility to open up prospects for its employees through further training so as to make them fit for digital transformation. All employees are called upon to use the qualification and development programmes offered within the framework of their own individual possibilities.

Shaping change on the basis of mutual trust
It will not be possible to shape the transformation on the basis of guidelines and company agreements alone. That is why living out a culture of trust will be particularly important, as set out in the paper. TUI’s corporate culture and corporate values “Trusted. Unique. Inspiring.“ will be developed in that direction. This will enable TUI to remain a successful organisation and a modern, innovative employer in future.

The full text of the paper is available here for download.