21 February 2024

"World Championship of Professions" visits TUI

TUI Colleague and German national trainer – Simon Stamm is organizing event

Simon Stamm is Lead Platform Engineer in the Developer Experience department and has been with TUI for eight years. He is a volunteer for the WorldSkills Competition, the "World Championship of Skills". The 47th edition of the competition will take place in Lyon in September. As the national coach for the skill "Cloud Computing", Simon is organising the German preliminary round - this will take place at the TUI Campus in Hanover on March 11th.

What is the WorldSkills Competition all about and why is TUI supporting it?

Simon Stamm: The WorldSkills Competition is a platform to emphasise the importance of vocational training worldwide and at the same time to promote young talent in various professional fields. As a global competition, it provides a unique stage to showcase excellence in vocational education and training. The competitions cover diverse areas, from skilled trades such as carpentry and landscaping, to service professions such as cookery and hotel reception, to high-tech fields such as IT and cloud computing. TUI is involved here because we see the development of young talent and the promotion of education and training as part of our corporate responsibility. Particularly in the field of cloud computing, where I work as a national trainer, it is clear how important continuous training and practical experience are in order to keep pace with the rapid pace of technological development.

What is important for participants when it comes to cloud computing?

Simon Stamm: On the one hand, it’s about specific knowledge in network system administration, database management, software development and, of course, security in the cloud environment. In addition, participants must also demonstrate skills in the planning, implementation and maintenance of cloud solutions and in the use of modern cloud technologies and services.

Can you tell us more about your role as national coach and the preparations for the competition?

Simon Stamm: As national coach for cloud computing, my focus is on preparing young people from the IT sector in the best possible way so that they can represent Germany at international level. This starts with the organisation of the national preliminary rounds, includes the search for and selection of talented participants and then also the intensive preparation and support during the international competitions. The challenge is not only to support the participants at the highest professional level, but also to teach them the soft skills that are essential for successful participation.

Is someone from TUI also taking part in the preliminary competition?

Simon Stamm: One of our TUI apprentices, Paul Glesmann, will be taking part in the German preliminary round in the field of cloud computing. I am of course very pleased about that personally. This not only reflects TUI's long-standing investment in cloud technologies, but also actively promotes the development of specialist skills, which helps to strengthen the company's innovative power and future viability.

What does the further support for the talents look like after the preliminary round?

Simon Stamm: After the preliminary round, an intensive phase of preparation begins for the national team, from which the participant for WorldSkills in Lyon is ultimately selected. Our aim is not only to enable the participants to shine at the competition, but also to set them up in the best possible way for their professional future. The individual development of each participant takes centre stage.

Thank you very much for the interview.