29 August 2022

“Young TUI”: How this new initiative from Belgium and the Netherlands brings together young colleagues

The recently launched “Young TUI” initiative is a joint effort by TUI in Belgium and the Netherlands for all colleagues up to the age of 36. Various events are organised on a monthly basis to increase the engagement of young talent at TUI, including inspiring talks by employees or management. From workshops on relevant topics such as sustainability to networking sessions and sporting activities – the team offers a lot to bring TUI's young professionals closer to the company and culture. Of course, there is also a fun part included: For example, during a visit to the airport with a look behind the scenes, when participants were able to network with each other and make new contacts. As a result, the community continues to grow.

For those responsible for the project, the goal is obvious: to bring young employees together, as they are in a similar phase of life. For Ellen van der Aa, one of the co-initiators of “Young TUI”, one thing is particularly important: “Our aim is to create a stronger network throughout the company and within the younger generation, who feel strengthened as a result. After all, satisfied employees promote a pleasant working atmosphere and that is beneficial to us of all.”

The community offers also things for those who are just starting out in their careers: Trainees and students can exchange ideas and network with other young colleagues, sharing valuable advice and tips that help young professionals to develop further.