3 August 2022

Tourism Recovery Programme by TUI Care Foundation – Kamaroutes

The Tourism Recovery Programme is a training, mentoring and financial support programme launched by the TUI Care Foundation and enpact. It was designed to help 415 travel and tourism businesses in Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia get through the pandemic and become resilient, sustainable tourism businesses. Over 100 colleagues from the TUI Group have contributed to the programme, either by mentoring the participating businesses or by delivering expert workshops within its training component.

Vanessa Mbenoun is one of the inspiring entrepreneurs who is transforming the tourism industry in South Africa. She’s also a single mother immigrant. The tour operator she founded and leads, Kamaroutes Travel Designers, has just launched its “Solo Womxn” brand – a unique product crafted specifically for female customers travelling alone or as single mothers with their children.

Kamaroutes believes women have the right to enjoy their trip without feeling unsafe, misjudged or discriminated because of the colour of their skin, their background, the language they speak or their sexual orientation. So it’s paving the way by offering unique, fulfilling and safe travel experiences to women everywhere.

Kamaroutes was one of 80 South African businesses supported by the Tourism Recovery Programme run by enpact and the TUI Care Foundation, which helped it transform into a resilient enterprise to overcome and grow from the coronavirus pandemic.

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