23 January 2020

It couldn't be fresher: From the farm directly to the hotel buffet

Sustainability at TUI Blue

The TUI Blue Oceanis Beach hotel in Kos offers its guests the opportunity to directly experience sustainability, as the fruit, vegetables and olive oil used in the kitchen are locally grown by the hotel itself – at Oceanis Farm. The farm was established in 2012 by Georgios-Fotis Drosos, the hotel owner.

Since then, the farm underwent rapid expansion in variety. It now covers 215 hectares with around 45 different plant species - from native olive oil and wine to exotic fruit. “Growing our own fruit and vegetables enables us to control the products used, exclusively offer them in our restaurants and guarantee our guests absolutely fresh products,” says Georgios-Fotis Drosos. In 2017, the farm produced a total of 146 tonnes, providing the hotel guests with high-quality food throughout the entire season.  

Under the motto "Sustainable Blue", ten steps were developed to promote sustainable tourism in the TUI Blue hotels. The procurement of regional food and beverages makes a significant contribution to sustainable development in the destinations. In the future, around 50% of the food and beverages in TUI Blue hotels worldwide are to come from the region.