Palma de Majorca, 13 August 2018

RIU Hotels publishes its Sustainability Report

  • For the first time, the hotel chain is publishing a detailed report of its sustainable practices throughout 2017 as well as the social and environmental projects it collaborates with around the world.

RIU Hotels & Resorts has published its Sustainability Report, for the first time in the company’s history. This document sets out the company’s endeavours in 2017 in relation to environmental protection and social action, which constitutes another step on the journey that the hotel chain started in 2012, when its first Corporate Social Responsibility reports were drafted.

With the report’s motto, "Focus on You", RIU has sought to symbolise its responsibility towards all the people that make it possible, its customers and collaborators, along with its commitment to the environment in which its 92 hotels are located. It is an accessible, highly visual document with a clear style, in harmony with its informative purpose, and it breaks down the internal policies, actions and good practices that have been implemented over the course of 2017, and the resulting data is given in graph form. The ultimate aim is to offer a clear and concise explanation of all the information relating to sustainability that may be of use to the RIU Hotels stakeholders.

In the sustainability report’s opening letter, the CEOs of RIU Hotels, Carmen and Luis Riu, affirm that, "over the last decade, people and the environment are the two ideas that have been at the heart of the RIU Hotels strategy in relation to corporate social responsibility and that have defined the initiatives we have carried out." These two areas of action, social and environmental, form the structure of this report in which the company’s collaborators themselves voice the various actions and projects that RIU carries out around the world and in the majority of which the collaborators themselves are the key players.

Hotel directors and staff, heads of corporate departments and collaborators from the various associations with which RIU works guide the reader through this report that marks the start point of a strategy that will, over years to come, focus on commitments to protect childhood and health, reduce poverty, consume responsibly and protect biodiversity and the environment.

This document has a clear informative purpose, as corresponds to any sustainability report, and its ultimate aim is to make public the actions of RIU Hotels with regard to sustainable development and the company’s capacity to produce economic, social and environmental benefits in the communities where it operates.

Download the RIU Hotels & Resorts Sustainability Report 2017 here.

About RIU Hotels & Resorts

The international RIU chain was founded in Mallorca by the Riu family in 1953 as a small holiday firm and is still owned by the family's third generation. The company specialises in holiday resorts and over 70% of its establishments offer its acclaimed All Inclusive by RIU service. With the inauguration of its first city hotel in 2010, RIU is expanding its range of products with its own line of city hotels called Riu Plaza. RIU Hotels & Resorts now has 93 hotels in 19 countries which welcome over 4,5 million guests a year and provide jobs for a total of 29,985 employees. RIU is currently the world's 35th ranked chain, one of the Caribbean's most popular, the 4th largest in Spain in terms of revenue and the fourth largest in number of rooms.