Hannover, 11 April 2017

Europeans seek the Spanish sun this Easter

TUI: Spain is top choice – but Germans also taking more staycations

Off to the sun, and preferably to Spain. The Iberian country is Europe’s favourite Easter travel destination, according to the world’s largest travel group TUI. “All over Europe, Spain is the top holiday choice for TUI customers,” reports the company, which arranges holidays in more than 100 destinations for over 20 million travellers a year. But within Spain those preferences vary. German, French and Belgian visitors like to head for the mainland, whereas British, Swiss and Austrian guests are especially keen on Majorca, with the Scandinavians mostly visiting Gran Canaria this Easter.

There are also differences between European holidaymakers when it comes to their second and third choices. German travellers stand out for one distinctive reason: trips within their own borders are a real hit. In fact, taking a break without leaving the country is their second choice after Spain. Their third holiday option is the United States.

The French, on the other hand, prefer Greece and Morocco after Spain, the British like Malta and Morocco, while the Dutch opt for Greece and Turkey. The Austrians, Swiss and Scandinavians, however, would rather travel further afield. Austrian tourists happily spend Easter, if not in Spain, then in Egypt or the Maldives, while the Swiss are attracted to Mauritius and the Dominican Republic. For tourists from Scandinavia, the top three include Thailand and Cyprus.

Europeans agree on one thing, however: they seek the sun. Cape Verde and the Caribbean are likewise popular Easter destinations for TUI’s European customers. Egypt is also climbing the charts again: many German, Swiss, Austrian and Belgian travellers want to spend their Easter break in the land of the pyramids, especially in Hurghada, Egypt’s key holiday region.

Cadiz, Spain