Hanover, 18 April 2016

TUI sponsorship: TUI employees in Hanover raise 32,000 euros for “Aegidius-Haus auf der Bult“

TUI employees in Hanover carried out a number of campaigns over a period of one year to raise funds for “Aegidius-Haus auf der Bult“, a nursing facility for children with severe disabilities or illnesses. They raised a total of around 32,000 euros, presented to the institution today.

On behalf of TUI, the cheque was presented by Sebastian Ebel, member of the Executive Board of TUI Group, Elke Hlawatschek, Managing Director TUI Foundation, works council representatives, and Nicole Wollmann, the initiator of the sponsorship scheme. “We are most impressed by the devotion shown by the employees of Aegidius-Haus in supporting the children and their families. They act in areas frequently marked by a lack of support – and this is where we would like to make a contribution,” said Ebel.

Dr Marion Hilmer, Managing Director of “Aegidius-Haus auf der Bult”, and Professor Hans-Jürgen Christen, Medical Director, received the donation on behalf of the institution. “Our sincere thanks go to all TUI employees for their great commitment in supporting our work. We really appreciate your donation, raised in the framework of TUI’s sponsorship scheme for our institution and in particular the children,” said Dr Marion Hilmer.

The donations will primarily serve to support the further conversion of the interior to enhance accessibility. Plans also include an expansion of the gardens: A sun deck will make the outdoor area feel cosier. The funds raised by the TUI employees will also go to special therapeutic programmes, e.g. visits by the Clinic Clowns or animal, music or art therapy.


 Since 1995, TUI employees in Hanover have supported a non-profit sponsorship project every year in the framework of TUI’s sponsorship scheme. They suggest projects and subsequently carry out a vote to decide which institution to sponsor for the period of one year. In the course of the year, they raise funds through donations or various employee campaigns to support the selected institution. The projects supported range from facilities of the German Lebenshilfe association via schools for children with special needs and lunches for deprived children all the way to assistance for severely ill children and their families. Since the inception of the TUI sponsorship scheme, more than 600,000 euros have been raised.

Aegidius-Haus supports children and young people with severe disabilities and their families. The institution offers comprehensive 24-hour care for those affected in close cooperation with the hospital for children and youth and the Centre for Social Paediatrics.