Tracey Steele – Cyprus

What changes you implemented due to Corona do you think will stay beyond the pandemic?

I have had to learn to think on my feet a lot more as I am sure we all have. In the past we traditionally had a set up period and then a performing period, but now we just are a lot more agile and need to be flexible to change. Some markets have stopped again and also restarted for a 2nd or 3rd time – same applies also to Malta. There is so much out of our control now, which is a strange feeling to get used to, but we are getting used to that now. I know none of us will ever take things for granted that we did in the past. Especially when it comes to program stability, or even bringing in large volumes of guests. In the end we deliver smiles, and we are finding new ways to do this through our people and technology – even with the new restrictions in place. Delivering memorable service with a mask on is a challenge, but like many things, a challenge we will overcome!

Do you have an example for creative solutions to new problems?

My personal solution was not to panic. Some of the things we have had to get used to this year we would never have believed could or would happen and are way beyond our control. I also think I have had to put myself in the guest shoes a lot more than I would have in the past. Particularly around the customer journey and the new digital strategy. This along with COVID-19 has meant looking at the guest holiday experience through new eyes. Are we giving the right level of information or clarity? How can we be sure they have a great holiday bearing all of the changes in mind? How would I feel or how would my family feel if this or that happened to them whilst being overseas?

Is there anything or anyone you are currently extra grateful for?

Although we did have a brief lockdown here in Cyprus it was quite strict. We had to text to leave the house and could only leave at times once a day. I learned to work from home over that period and really appreciated my family more than ever during that time for keeping in touch and keeping me going with the odd quiz and family Zoom. I’m also happy to be lucky enough to be able to stay in Cyprus, and to stay busy. Even though things seem quiet in terms of guest volumes, it hasn’t meant it has been any quieter for us in the team. Most things we do now have a lot more complexity, so now everything takes much more time. But I have amazing people here in the team who are just brilliant at what they do – every day! We all support each other in a way that’s impossible to measure and of which I am very grateful for.