13 December: A helping TUI hand for our four-legged friends

On June 29th, twenty-seven TUI Musemates woke up from their beds two hours earlier than usual to join Paralimni Dog Pound, a local charity based in Cyprus whose mission is to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs.

The East coast of Cyprus Team offered a helping hand while learning about the work of the Paralimni Dog Pound. They all volunteered to pitch in and support the charity by taking twenty-three dogs for a walk, a job that is usually done by only two members of the charity staff.

The Paralimini Dog Pound staff were moved by the support of our TUI Musemates and shared that this was the most support and help they have ever had in all the years since setting up. More helping hands means less workload for the management of dogs and small puppies.

Our TUI Musemates said it was an amazing experience to help these animals in need and a fantastic team building experience. Especially as it can be hard doing seasons abroad and missing family and pets at home.

It was a great day for the team, and for the Paralimni Dog Pound, who have now gained some new TUI volunteers on their team to help out regularly.

A story that proves some customers can be very furry and have four legs.