08 December: Making in meaningful

“My name is Mohamed Omar, I am a TUI rep in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. I have worked with TUI since 2012 in Sharm, Hurghada and Marsa Alarm.

I would like to share our experiences here in Sharm where we help the local community as part of a shared charity activity between the team. Every month we collect any amount from the team in a “charity box” that is in the office and think between us of a good cause to help.

2 months ago, we funded a project which installed a water pipe in a local village. In Egypt, there are still some areas that don't have running water to use. So we bought the pipe and connected it to the main water source to provide water to drink and use at home so that the local families didn’t need to walk for several km to collect water.

This month we collected money and donated it to a cancer hospital in Alexandria which provides free service and medicine to cancer patients.”