A dream job with its special challenges

Find out what is attractive about the job as a TUI entertainer – and what prospective applicants have to take into account

Summer, sun, party: The job as entertainer in a holiday hotel might be a dream for many. However, this dream job is not the perfect challenge for everyone. Although working in a holiday paradise offers many highlights such as interaction with people in a holiday mode, being an entertainer can actually also be quite challenging. “It is often said that you live and work where other people are on holiday,” says Bärbel Schreck, Head of HR for ROBINSON Clubs. “However, this role also entails togetherness, emotions and experiences, as the entertainers working in a club become like a family for a certain period of time. You should really consider beforehand whether this is the right job for you: If you are the sort of person who prefers spending time on your own in your room or if you want a nine-to-five job, this job definitely is not the perfect match.”

Entertainers have to be extrovert, open-minded, committed, resilient and team-spirited. And they have to be aware of their responsibility, as they become TUI ambassadors the moment they leave their rooms. “You should be able to assume responsibility yourself, as your own family will be far away,” says Marion Glasmeyer, Senior Manager Concept Training & Governance for TUI’s concept hotel brands. “And you will face some challenges. In order to be part of the whole experience, you have to observe rules and be disciplined. Our employees should always focus on the customer and also be prepared to give that extra smile.”

The tourism group deliberately uses the term “entertainer” rather than “animator”. After all, the originally more intrusive animation concepts have long since been replaced by unobtrusive offerings encouraging guests to join in: Every guest is free to take part, but nobody has to participate! Friendly and helpful entertainers are always available to support them. “The special appeal of the job also remains driven by the idea of an adventure,” says Eva-Kristin Othmer, Manager Entertainment Staff Placement at TUI MAGIC LIFE. “Unlike many other job opportunities abroad, our colleagues also benefit from a comprehensive care-free package and a monthly salary.” The proportion of entertainers working for TUI time and again over many years is high. The job also offers prospects. “If you are interested in developing your potential further, you will have ample opportunity,” explains Marion Glasmeyer. “There are development opportunities in your own area, in new areas of work or in terms of new management skills if you want to develop in that direction – in many cases, all you need is some patience.”