29 January 2024

A passion turned into a profession: How Mallorcan Aina Zanoguera wants to preserve the island's cultural treasures

With a series of video portraits, TV journalist Sibylle Tiessen takes us on a captivating journey into a world full of exciting projects, cultural diversity and authentic stories on Mallorca. Supported by TUI, the TUI Care Foundation and Majorca Daily Bulletin, viewers learn more about the island from a whole new perspective, from inspiring stories of locals to social, artistic, ecological, scientific and political aspects.

Episode 10: A passion turned into a profession in Mallorca

"Theatre and music are not a job for me, but much more of a vocation," says the 26-year-old Mallorcan Aina Zanoguera from Palma. However, as she was rather shy as a child, her father suggested that she try acting first to boost her self-confidence. At the age of eleven, Aina Zanoguera took on small roles at the Teatre Principal in Palma and began singing in the choir at the same time.

Even today, Aina Zanoguera still prefers to perform at the municipal theatre. In addition to acting, singing remains a great passion for her. Aina Zanoguera has also mastered several instruments, such as the piano, guitar, cello and drums. "The two arts complement each other well. Music often plays an important role in theatre too, she says.

Even though Aina Zanoguera is often on stage in Mallorca, she has toured Europe and performed in Berlin, Leipzig, Liverpool and New York. Although Aina Zanoguera loves travelling, the young artist is very attached to her home. But it's not just the island's landscapes features that make it a place the 26-year-old artist loves to return to. "Mallorca is primarily known as a tourist island. All the more reason for me to emphasise the cultural treasure that we have here. The island simply deserves that."

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