12 September 2023

The Mallorcans: Social commitment comes first

With a series of video portraits, TV journalist Sibylle Tiessen takes us on a captivating journey into a world full of exciting projects, cultural diversity and authentic stories on Mallorca. Supported by TUI, the TUI Care Foundation and Majorca Daily Bulletin, viewers learn more about the island from a whole new perspective, from inspiring stories of locals to social, artistic, ecological, scientific and political aspects.  

Episode 5: Social commitment comes first

This Monday, as on every Monday, kilos of food will be delivered from supermarkets to the warehouse of the aid organisation Mallorca Sense Fam (‘Mallorca without Hunger’). “Every week we supply around 200 families in need with food, baby food and hygiene and household cleaning products," explains Catalina Aguiló. The Palma-born woman founded the Mallorcan aid organisation 14 years ago, in August 2009, with other supporters. 
Over the years, the initiative, once founded as a food bank, grew into a large aid organisation. “Because of the tourism boom, many people cannot believe that there are still people on the island who have nothing to eat,” Catalina Aguiló explains. Every Wednesday, people in need can receive the bags filled to bursting point. These contain basic foodstuffs such as pasta, fruit, vegetables, flour or milk. Around 80 volunteers take care of the food distribution. "Those in need who cannot pick up food themselves for health reasons are delivered by us," explains Aguiló.
Together with the TUI Care Foundation, Mallorca Sense Fam was also heavily involved during the Corona pandemic. Over a period of six months, more than 800 families were supplied.
But even after the revival of tourism, there are still people who depend on the support of Mallorca Sense Fam, explains Catalina Aguiló: "Especially after the pandemic, we have to continue to help residents. After the abolition of short-time work, people received virtually no financial support.” The Ukraine crisis also brought many immigrants to the island.
Catalina Aguiló hopes to be able to support those in need for a long time to come: “No one should go hungry, neither on Mallorca nor elsewhere. We will continue to do this as long as we can.”

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