22 December 2022

TUI supports electric charging stations on Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire

TUI in the Netherlands and Belgium introduced a Fair Travel concept in 2021. A package holiday in which customers, together with TUI, contribute to more sustainable tourism. With a Fair Travel holiday, the customer stays in a hotel which has achieved a sustainability certification. On top of that, the customer automatically supports local communities and the economy in destinations through an integrated donation to the TUI Care Foundation and sustainability mobility projects.

595,043 Fair Travel travelers and €2,380,172 raised

In the past winter and summer season, 595,043 travelers booked a Fair Travel holiday. A contribution of €2 per person is included in every fare of a Fair Travel holiday and TUI matches that contribution. This yields an amount of €2,380,172, of which half goes to the TUI Care Foundation, to projects that support local communities, the economy and biodiversity in holiday destinations. There are a wide variety of projects in TUI Care Foundation’s portfolio, from training to recycling, protecting animals to preserving local culture. Read more here www.tuicarefoundation.com

Charging stations for electric cars Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire

The other half of the funds raised is invested in making mobility more sustainable, preferably on projects that benefit destinations and cleaner modes of transport. One project is to invest significantly in improving the electric charging infrastructure in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire, to accelerate the electrification of cars, rental cars, taxis and other modes of transport that can make use of the facilities. As Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire are important destinations for TUI, the business wants tourism to continue to provide added value for these islands and the local population. Not only in economic terms for local entrepreneurs, and as an industry that provides employment, but also by improving the islands’ attractiveness for future generations to live and to visit. That is why making the tourism industry and the islands more sustainable is important. Investing in sustainability now is a necessity. Electric cars contribute to reducing harmful emissions. There are currently very few electric cars on the islands, which is largely due to the fact that there are hardly any charging facilities available.

That is why TUI Netherlands and TUI Belgium are supporting charging stations in these beautiful destinations. In collaboration with a local company Dynaf, 55 charging stations will be installed from next Spring: 30 on Curaçao, 15 on Aruba and 10 on Bonaire. They will be installed at hotels and at locations such as large supermarkets and popular tourist hotspots. A few ‘solar carport’ charging stations will be set up in more remote places such as beaches.  

This week, the first TUI charging station was symbolically taken into use in Curaçao by TUI Netherland’s General Manager Arjan Kers, in the presence of the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning, Charles Cooper and the Minister of Economic Development, Ruisandro Cijntje. Arjan Kers, General Manager TUI Netherlands said: “It is important for the future of tourism, to invest in initiatives that support sustainability. Projects are already underway in Curaçao together with TUI Care Foundation, such as the processing of plastic waste with Green Phenix. But with this major investment in installing charging stations, we want to contribute directly to greener transportation and improved air quality on the islands. We have taken the first step, now it is up to the car rental companies and car salesmen to ensure that the electric vehicle fleet is expanded.”