28 November 2022

“TUI Green IT Award” launched

More than 2000 IT suppliers invited to attend/ Tech is driver for sustainability

TUI strives to be the industry leader in sustainability. An ambitious Sustainability Agenda will be launched shortly. It will provide a framework for maximizing the benefits of tourism for communities in holiday destinations while providing a pathway to net-zero by 2050 the latest. Tourism is a force for good. Measures as part of the Sustainability Agenda will change business processes at TUI and how resources are used, but also include initiatives accelerating the sustainable transformation of the industry.

Technology plays an important role for TUI – as part of our business strategy, but also in the context of the Sustainability Agenda. It is a driver for sustainability. Achieving TUI´s sustainability goals requires a holistic approach to the transformation. Integrating technology and data in our sustainability strategy is therefore key. Sustainable technology means to us more than energy-efficient data centers and hardware recycling. Through the use of advanced technologies we want to achieve a positive impact on net zero and on our environmental, social and governance goals.

More than 2000 IT suppliers work for TUI. Sustainability in and through technology cannot be achieved without them. To start a conversation between suppliers and key decision makers within TUI about sustainable tech, we launch the “TUI Green IT Award”. It honors companies that demonstrate exemplary actions in sustainabilityand showcases best practices – and is an expression of partnership and cooperationwith our suppliers.

The TUI Green IT Award will take place every year. Suppliers can apply within three categories that are closely aligned with the upcoming TUI´s Sustainability Agenda.The three categories are:

“People” – From training and education in Sustainable IT to digital human rights protection initiatives or diversity & inclusion: Projects and measures in this category benefit the people working for our suppliers or the community.
“Planet” – Reduction of cloud & server emissions and waste, improving water efficiency or testing new ways in emission reduction or circularity: Projects in this category make our planet greener and our way of doing business more sustainable.
“Progress” – Partnerships with NGOs, bridging the digital gap – Ideas that accelerate the sustainable transformation through innovation, collaboration or technology belong to this category. 

The award is initiated by Charlotte Wwiebe, Isabell Droll and Paul Walker and organized by the Sustainability Technology Domain and Group Procurement. An internal jury composed of senior leaders will evaluate submissions. Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, and Thomas Ellerbeck, Chief Sustainability Officer and member of the GEC, are sponsoring the TUI Green IT Award and will chair the jury sessions.

An invitation to all IT suppliers to apply for the award will be sent out on 28 November 2022. The winners will be announced in February 2023. If you have questions regarding the TUI Green IT Award, please send an e-mail to TGIaward@tui.com.

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