30 April 2021

TUI Aviation strengthens sustainability transformation

TUI Aviation plays a crucial role in the TUI Sustainability Strategy and our carbon reduction initiatives. We commit to the internationally recognised ISO14001 environmental management system (EMS) as a strong tool for sustainable transformation across our airlines.

TUI’s airlines have been continuously working on sustainability throughout the pandemic, with all 5 airlines achieving and maintaining ISO 14001 certification for many years now. The latest development is a merge and recertification of ISO 14001:2015 for our Northern and Western Region Airlines i.e. TUI Airways (UK), TUI fly Nordic, TUI fly Netherlands and TUI fly Belgium. This is an important step in TUI Airlines sustainability plan, to align and collaborate on sustainability activities across the different regions.

Our Central Region Airline, TUI fly Germany, remains ISO 14001:2015 certified and is also registered in the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

By implementing an EMS which complies to an internationally recognised standard like ISO 14001, it ensures we are on track with our sustainability initiatives in TUI Aviation and continuously re-evaluate their effectiveness. These systems help us to reduce waste, increase efficiency, generate cost savings and comply with legislation.

During this year’s audit, the focus was not only on the merging and implementation of the new merged environmental management system, but also on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on operations and the measures we have put in place to address this. The EMS was found to be effective and in compliance with the standard. In particular, the handling of COVID-19 related issues, such as giving away perishable items and food to charities was highlighted as good practice. There was also praise for our waste-handling initiatives and the reduction of single-use plastics. Overall, TUI Aviation was commended for its progress over the years as well as the enthusiasm and commitment of the entire TUI Aviation team.

We remain committed to driving environmental improvements across our aviation operations, to pave the way for a more sustainable future for tourism.