24 June 2020

Podcast: Sustainability in times of COVID-19

A conversation with TUI´s Group Sustainability Director Charlotte Wwiebe

We continue our series “Getting Ready” at the TUI Podcast with an all new episode. We spoke with Charlotte Wwiebe about sustainability at TUI in times of COVID-19. Charlotte looks at the current sustainability strategy “better holidays, better world” and explains how she and her team continue to work on the new sustainability strategy 2030.


Content Overview:

  • 01:15 – Charlotte´s start as Group Sustainability Director in times of COVID-19
  • 02:40 – How Charlotte got interested and involved in sustainability early in her career
  • 05:45 – What TUI´s sustainability strategy “better holidays, better world” is about
  • 10:00 – Why are sustainability certificates for hotels important?
  • 12:00 – How does work on the sustainability strategy 2030 look like?
  • 14:30 – Which role do the UN Sustainable Development Goals play for the strategy 2030?
  • 16:30 – Why do we need a sustainability strategy?
  • 18:50 – How do colleagues and leadership at TUI support the sustainability strategy?
  • 22:20 – Single-used plastics in times of COVID-19
  • 24:30 – The promising role of innovation and digitization for sustainability
  • 26:00 – Why sustainability will stay relevant also after COVID-19


TUI Sustainability

Find out more about our current sustainability strategy here.