2 March 2020

Island dreams in the Atlantic

African holiday destinations: The Cape Verde Islands

The first people who arrived in the Cape Verde Islands were probably not particularly interested in its magnificent scenery. The islands off the West African coast, uninhabited at the time, were discovered by Portuguese sailors in around 1460 and soon became a key station for the transatlantic trade. After all, a growing number of holidaymakers are seeking to discover the varying landscapes – from green and lush to barren and harsh.

Each of the 15 Cape Verde Islands is different and unique. While some islands feature desert landscapes, the inhabited nine islands include Santo Antão and São Nicolau with mountain panoramas and fertile tropical valleys. Sal, Boa Vista and Maio, in particular, offer secluded white sandy beaches, while São Vicente’s highlight is the picturesque port city of Mindelo. Santiago, Cape Verde’s largest island of also featuring a scenery of mountains and valleys, Fogo, the volcano island, and Bravo, the tranquil island of flowers, are located in the south of the archipelago. Drenched in virtually year-round sunshine, the islands also offer relaxed inhabitants, World Cultural Heritage Sites such as the historic centre of the former capital of Cidale Velha, and numerous music festivals.

The Cape Verde Islands are the perfect location for travellers wishing to discover a new destination, seeking relaxation and above all enjoying the long, fine, sandy beaches and the average water temperature of 24 degrees. However, the islands are also very popular among athletes, above all surfers and divers, as they offer very good conditions. From spectacular hiking tours in Santiago and Santo Antao, relaxed beach holidays in Sal or Boa Vista, vibrant life in colourful cities such as Praia and Mindelo, to romantic seclusion in Brava – the Cape Verde Islands will satisfy virtually every holiday aspiration.