27 February 2020

Where Big Five sightings are nearly guaranteed

Whoever travels to Africa once will return at least one more time. “This is almost certain,” says Martina Horter, TUI Germany Product Manager for Southern Africa. She personally travels to Africa at least two to three times a year, above all to South Africa and Namibia. Are there any special travel ideas the Africa expert would want to share? “If you have already seen and experienced a lot, you should go to Sabi Sands. In this part of Kruger National Park in South Africa, sightings of the Big Five, i.e. the lion, rhinoceros, leopard, buffalo and elephant, are almost guaranteed. Given that it is notoriously difficult to spot a leopard, you might want to go there, as sightings are possible nearly every day in Sabi Sands. In South Africa, there is also a spectacular new hotel: “The Silo“ in Cape Town, which also hosts the “Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa”.

Another great experience is a meerkat tour. For a meerkat experience, you should go to Oudtshoorn in South Africa, normally well-known for its ostrich farms. Meerkat tours leave very early in the morning. “At some point, the meerkats will emerge from the burrow to check if the coast is clear. This is incredibly funny. Every tour participant is always totally thrilled to see them. Another spectacular site is Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. It is usually foggy in the early morning, but when the fog lifts, you will see this giant crater below you. And if you go down, you can even spot the Big Five if you are lucky. Another insider tip is Botswana with its Okavango Delta. However, there are amazing things to see and do in Africa everywhere you turn,” says Martina Horter.