Madrid, 23 January 2020

Fritz Joussen visits X EXCELTUR FORUM

In Madrid, the CEO of the TUI Group talks about digitalisation at TUI

This week, Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group, visited the X EXCELTUR FORUM in Madrid. On the day before the launch of the international tourism fair FITUR, Joussen gave a speech to representatives of the travel industry, focusing on digitalisation within the sector and at TUI: “Digitalisation promotes greater individualisation. Customers will benefit from more and smarter offerings. Hoteliers will have even stronger control over the way to best sell their product,” Joussen said at the Forum.

Following its transformation as an integrated tourism group with its own hotels, cruise lines and destination activities, TUI has now launched the second stage of its transformation: TUI is becoming a digital company. To that end, TUI has invested in people, teams and technology to create the basis for this important step. The focus is developing digital solutions and also making them accessible for other companies, hoteliers and industry partners in order to push the digitalisation of the entire sector further ahead. The core elements of the strategy for TUI’s future growth path are digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence and digital solutions to tap into new markets. Examples of activities launched by TUI include the development of an innovative distribution network for its own hotels: an IT solution to improve occupancy management and individualise the offerings. It can be used, for instance, to book specific rooms for customers, for instance for guests wishing to enjoy the morning or evening sun on their balcony or wishing to select a room close to the kids’ club. This platform will now also be accessible for third parties. This will benefit everyone – the hotel partners, customers and TUI. This is one of many examples showing: For the sector and for TUI, the future is digital.