17 January 2020

Can hotels cut the number of refuse collection trucks by 500?

Sustainability at TUI Blue

TUI Blue’s “Sustainable Blue” sustainability initiative contributes to environmental protection through a range of different measures. One of the ten steps of the initiative focuses on reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill per guest night by 30 per cent – an amount equivalent to the volume handled by 500 refuse collection vehicles.

In the framework of its waste management programme, the TUI Blue Atlantica Kalliston resort recycles all organic waste such as leftovers and paper. Like this, high-quality fertilizer is obtained, which can be used in the hotel garden. Moreover, the hotel exclusively uses reusable metal straws and biodegradable pasta straws, only provided at the guests’ express request. This helps reduce the use of plastic items, cut waste volumes and raise awareness for an environmentally conscious use of resources.

The goal of the “Sustainable Blue“ sustainability initiative is to conserve resources while meeting the guests’ growing environmental awareness. It promotes more sustainable tourism through a range of measures. The initiative comprises ten different steps launched by hotels so as to contribute to a better world.